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[depth analysis] component factors of low photovoltaic power generation

As an important means to lead the development of the industry, the implementation of the "leader" plan of photovoltaic power generation and the construction of the base have always been the focus of the industry. With the announcement of the National Energy Bureau's announcement on promoting the implementation of the "leader" plan of photovoltaic power generation and the requirements for the construction of the base in 2017, the competition for the third batch of leader bases has also begun. According to the notice, the third batch of PV "leader" plan is planned to build no more than 10 application leading bases and 3 technology leading bases, which is voluntarily declared by the local authorities, and is generated through competition. Each province can declare 2 applications, leading bases and 1 technology leading bases, so we can see that after the ranking of relevant agencies, 5-13 provinces will eventually become the new batch leader base.

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Where will the latest group of photovoltaic leader bases end up? This paper will make an analysis and forecast in combination with the latest standard of competitive optimization for photovoltaic power generation base.

Exclusive prediction: where will the third batches of photovoltaic leader base fall?

Competitive optimization standard for photovoltaic power generation base

According to the notice, the national energy board will be entrusted to technical management organization in accordance with the experts can use solar conditions, land type and cost, access system, power market, consumptive safeguard mechanism to promote the work of local government and service guarantee conditions on the declaration of the base were evaluated, according to the construction scale, the score based on the rankings were determined application of lead base and technology leader base list. The specific conditions are as follows:

(1) the conditions for the utilization of solar energy. Preferential selection of areas with better solar energy resource conditions. According to the actual operating hours of the existing normal operating photovoltaic power stations and the observation and evaluation of the meteorological bureau above the provincial level, the conditions of the solar energy can be judged.

(two) land type and cost. The site of the base must belong to the land permitted by the state to build photovoltaic power plants, with clear property rights and low land transfer price (or no state owned land that does not collect land rent). The base of the city (county) government should confirm that the land occupied by the PV array is not subject to the Levy of the urban land use tax and the farmland occupation tax, and it is clear that all the expenses calculated according to the land area and the time limit for the full use of the land. Under the same conditions, priority should be given to base planning with a large and centralized base planning.

(three) the construction of the access system. The provincial grid enterprises at the location of the base shall be responsible for investing in the power delivery project of the construction base. At least, they should undertake to invest in the construction of the supporting stations and the above transmission lines, and promise to invest in the construction base and all the power stations outside all the projects. At the base of the local government and power enterprises agreed in a certain period of time by the premise of power grid enterprises repurchase power transmission project assets, the local government may adopt other way connected to the network and unified construction collection stations and other power transmission project, but not in the base of project investment enterprise project cost allocation.

(four) the electricity market consumption security. The provincial development and Reform Commission base location (the Energy Bureau) together with relevant departments of electric power consumptive base project scope, clear security measures in power base project priority. The base of provincial power grid enterprises should provide full consumptive power base project or meet the national requirements of the minimum number of hours (or power ratio does not exceed 5%) demonstrates the opinion and commitment; base is located in the city (county) government should take effective measures to ensure the full base power consumed, bear the base project because of the economic compensation of power the state guaranteed minimum number of hours under corresponding power generation.

(five) the local government will promote the work mechanism and service guarantee. Establish a sound base for local government project management "one-stop" service system, to simplify the approval procedures of construction projects, reduce the cost of photovoltaic power station technology enterprise development, to ensure open and fair competitive allocation base project and strict supervision and management of the base. The government at the location of the base shall treat all the eligible enterprises that are competing in a fair way. No other requirements for increasing the burden of enterprises beyond the construction tasks that have been declared at the base should be submitted to the enterprises.

In addition, in order to support the development of poor areas, the depth of poverty county is located in the national base, at the base of site does not charge investment in the construction of land taxes, land rent is low and the power grid enterprises of all power transmission project and ensure the power under the premise of full consumptive, the priority selected lead base.

The notice also required before June 30, 2017 have been completed without approval and base in the construction of the municipal administrative region in 2017 to declare a new base. In addition, in order to avoid further deterioration of the power and discard, promote the protection of the implementation of photovoltaic power generation acquisition, notice also made it clear that the third batch of leader base only 2016 PV operating hours to guarantee the hours of 95% and above or the discard rate does not exceed 5% of the provinces before the declaration.

According to as attachments with the release of the "leading photovoltaic power generation base competition standards" related institutions will be preferred, with six indicators, were scoring lead base and application technology lead base sort, according to the final ranking to determine the "leader" landing base.

The contents and proportion of these six indicators are: solar energy resources and utilization rate (10 points), land use and cost (25 points), network connection and delivery project (40 points), planning program improvement (5 points), policy and effect (15 points), base integration.

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